Clinton NY and Wellington FL

The services we offer:

Finding the right horse for you
Tell us what you’re looking for.  After many years in the industry, David and Kara have developed a network of contacts across the US, Europe and South America.  We can find the horse you want.  Contact us and tell us what you’re looking for.  We will reach out to our contacts on your behalf to find you the right mount - within your budget. 
Selling your horse 
Is it time to sell your mount?  Are the kids away at college or trading riding for work and/or a family?  Do you want to move up to a more capable ride?  Let us help you to assess what your horse is worth, increase its value and get you top dollar for it.  You can ship your mount to us and get a candid assessment of its strengths, weaknesses and sales potential in as little as two weeks.
Training and showing your horse
The easiest way to increase value of a horse is to get results in the Show Ring.  David Raposa Sales can do that for you.  Whether you have a hunter, an equitation horse or a Jumper / Junior Jumper we can show it for you and get the results that will maximize the value of your mount.  Contact us, we will talk about your goals and see if we can work together at a reasonable cost to you.

Pricing for Services:

Day Rate in Clinton - $75 per day.  Includes hay, feed, bedding, basic meds and training. 
Vets, shoes, shipping, etc are the owner's responsibility.

Day Rate at Shows - $150 per day
Includes hay, feed, bedding after the initial compliment, basic meds and training.  Charges incurred for staff lodging, tack stalls and initial bedding are pro-rated over the number of horses at the event and billed to each owner.  Entries, stalls, vets, shoes, shipping, etc. are the owner's responsibility.

Day Rate in Florida - $150 per day
Includes hay, feed, bedding, basic meds and training.  Entries, stalls, vets, shoes, shipping, etc are the owner's responsibility.

There are no charges for Clinton while horses are at shows or in Florida.
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